Hair Updates! Hair Fair & More



Look 1 (Blues Hair)

Hair 1 (Left) :

Blues. Amalthea {with bangs} NEW!! @ Hair Fair

This hair just screams kawaii. It’s a soft look, I’m so impressed with Blues’s recent releases of hairs! Bringing a different type of style to the grid. Color hud shown is the Naturals 1 (Blondes)

Hair 2 (Right) :

Blues. Freya NEW!! @ Hair Fair

A lil edginess, but still soft look. This hair frames my face perfectly and brings out my eye color, (hehe). In love with the pastel color huds from this brand. They aren’t overly saturated and not dull, just right if you ask me. Anywho, lol this color hud I am wearing is Colors 1

Hair Fair opens July 11th, 2015!


Hair 3 (Left) :

Blues. Nessa {unrigged} NEW!! @ The Seasons Story

If you loved Hair # 1 (Above) you will love this cute hair ! Color hud shown is Colors 2. Colors 2 has more of the vibrant colors while Color 1 has the pastel, more toned down colors. xD

Hair 4 : (Right)

Blues. Jessica NEW!! @ Hair Fair

This has to my all time favorite hair from Blues to be released, besides Zendaya. Ugh I live for curly hair and this is just beautiful! I kinda have that Girl Next Door appeal, don’tcha think? Color hud shown is Naturals 2 (Browns/Blacks/Whites)


More from Blues!

Hair 5 (Left) :

Blues. Luna {w/outwand} NEW!! @ The Seasons Story

A quick messy bun, with a little sleekness to it. Great for those Lazy days, or if you need something quick! Color hud shown is Fades 3

Hair 6 (Right) :

Blues. Naiesli NEW!! @ Hair Fair

Wild hair at its BEST! 


Introducing Besom (formerly, Soonsiki)

Hair 7 (Left) :Besom! Hair Fair 2015 * 005 NEW!! @ Hair Fair

This hairstyle gives me Kylie Jenner vibes. It’s really cute and I was in need of medium length hairstyles. Once again Besom slays! Best hair in my opinion.

Hair 8 (Right) : Besom~Hair Fair 2015 (002) NEW!! @ Hair Fair

This simple braid is cute for those beachy days, or when you wanna try somethin a little different. Definately one of my summer favorites.


Introducing Beusame! (Left)

Hair 9 (Left) : Beusame: “Abel Hair” [ FatPack] NEW!!

This hair was originally for males, but it can be worn unisex. Beyond EDGY, Beyond unique. It comes with a shaved hairbase. Now available at mainstore.

Hair 10 (Right) : Besom~ Hair Fair 2015 (004) NEW!! @ Hair Fair

Big & BOLD

Accesories shown in post, are by Random Matter & Yummy. 

Hairbase by Illmatic/Hvmage 


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